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Painted Feathers & Nature Art Studio

About the Artist

Once Upon A Time...


Once upon a time there was a little girl who drew and drew and drew... 'when I grow up I want to be an artist' she said. Then life distracted her with its beauty and she forgot all about this particular dream. The little girl grew up and had a family, she took a job and lived her life until one day, she picked up her pencils again and started to draw. She drew and drew and drew... 'I AM going to be an artist' she said. 

And she did just that. 

Imogen Clark, self-trained and persistent artist has a unique ability to discover interesting and original artforms. 

Founding Dusty Souls Art in 2012, she excelled back into her rediscovered talent and deviated from her graphite drawing background to include various other mediums and arts, including painted feathers.

Coast Love & Life

Returning to her home town of Whitley Bay after 23 years away in 2015, she is surrounded by an abundance of inspiration, materials and opportunity.  

This has redirected her work to include dramatic skies and seascapes.  

Imogen is a regular trader at the famous Tynemouth Market, based in the glass roofed train station. She is also a member of network Artists North East and exhibits at local galleries and art events.

Future plans include her own local gallery emporium and teaching community art.

The Art of Feathers

 In 2014, Imogen took up feather painting in a bid to increase her skills, she is now one of the most leading feather artists in the UK. 

Imogen exhibits and sells internationally and her work is highly sought after.

With only a handful of UK based feather artists, she has been kept busy producing beautiful animal and bird portraits on a variety of feathers, again honing her skills further by producing her jewellery collection including painted feather earrings, lockets and  brooches.

The craft is technical and based on skill, brushwork and a knowledge of feathers.

The feathers are collected by herself, donated by friends and fans of her work or bought from reputable sources. Each feather painting takes up to a week to complete.