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Painted Feathers & Nature Art Studio

Painted feather, feather art, feather painting, coastal living, tynemouth artist,   north east coast

 painted feather art & jewellery . wildlife portraiture . shell art . fine art prints . seasonal craft . commission available


Find Dusty Souls Art markets, fairs, exhibitions and events here.

Saturday and Sunday

Tynemouth Market

9am - 3.30pm

Tynemouth Metro Station

Event Details

Saturday and Sunday

Tynemouth Market

Find our stall at the wonderful Tynemouth Market most weekends.

Platform 1 on Saturday and Platform 2 on Sunday.

9am - 3.30pm

Tynemouth Metro Station


Painted Feather Artwork & Jewellery

painted feathers, feather art, feather painting, native american, wildlife art, the feather lady,

 An online art gallery of previous feather works and available feathers by Dusty Souls Art. 

Painted feathers originated in Native American culture as a form of decoration and expression. In the 19th Century, British merchant sailors learnt the craft and used it on long sea journeys to pass the time and, like scrimshaw artists on the whalers, made trinkets for their loved ones back home.

It's a lengthy and painstaking process and only a handful of UK artists create these pieces. 

 I use feathers that come from natural molt or reputable sources only.

People & Pet Portaits

Pet portrait, drawing, girl and dog, welsh terrier, pretty girl, pencil artwork, kiss pet, dog art

This page showcases Dusty Souls Art commissioned and private works. A selection of graphite, acrylic and watercolour portraits of peoples animals and peoples people. Please forward to the Booking a Commission page. Here you will find some guidelines, terms & conditions and FAQs

Wildlife & Places

wildlife art, barn owl painting, acrylic painting, contemporary artwork, ornithology, owl art


A catalogue of Dusty Souls Art wildlife and wild things artwork in acrylic, graphite and watercolour. Some of these pieces are available as original and/or limited prints. Please contact me for more information.


Get in Touch

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Please use the box above to contact me regarding commissions, artwork for sale or feedback.
I will reply as soon as I can, which is usually within a few hours. 

If you are enquiring about a commission, please take a peek at the Booking A Commission page. 

 If you are enquiring about an available artwork or prints, please ensure that you quote the name of the piece in your correspondence and whether you are interested in the original, print or commissioning something similar. 

Dusty Souls Art

5a Helena Avenue, Whitley Bay, NE26 2BB, United Kingdom